Casa Lux nr. 8/2012



• Amenajează un dining la modă!
• Elemente care compun un living… de vacanță
• Cum coordonezi artistic culorile tonice
• Shopping: paturi pentru copii, cu multe locuri de depozitare
• Confort pe toată linia într-un apartament mic
• Optează pentru o cromatică antistres!

9 thoughts on “Casa Lux nr. 8/2012

        1. Hi, I’m interested in the article on Singapore makeover. I would like to have the physical copy of the magazine. Could you please assist to mail it over to Singapore and let me know the costs involved?

          Thank you.

          1. Hi Cristina,

            Can I have your email address and I will provide you with my address? Thank you so much for your help.

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